PG SOFT™ is proud to announce that we are partnering with Dafabet today, allowing the two industry leaders to work together to improve the online gaming experience for gamers around the world. We are very honoured to embark on this new partnership. Apart from acknowledging our award-winning team’s efforts in revolutionising mobile app gamification, this partnership also provides us with a massive global platform for our innovative and engaging game products.

Dafabet is Asia’s leading online gaming site and home to some of the best gaming products on the web that includes an array of world class online entertainment products. Regis Pissot, Dafabet Director of Gaming has said: ‘We thrive to offer our players the best gaming content. PG SOFT™ games are highly innovative, mobile-first, and above all fun and engaging. They will certainly meet our Asian players’ expectations and allow us to accelerate our growth in all of our key markets.”

PG SOFT™ has always strived to create original games with interesting storylines, engaging gameplay and amazing visuals. We are the leading company in developing games that are perfectly designed for portrait mobile gameplay. The vertical layout of the games ensures that our games can be played at the most comfortable and optimal way for the players, giving the players a great gameplay experience without changing their gaming habits.

With so many exquisite games under PG SOFT™’s belt, this partnership with Dafabet will most certainly expand and accelerate the diversity of our market by attracting newer players both young and old. PG SOFT™ is sure to be able to cater to the wide variety of players’ tastes and interests.

Ken Zhang, PG SOFT™’s Managing Director and Co-founder has said: “Dafabet is a global operator and we are delighted to bring our impressive portfolio of games to its players. We’re confident that its players will enjoy playing our games time and time again and are looking forward to realising this partnership’s full potential.”

This partnership will certainly create a win-win situation for both parties as it helps Dafabet consolidate its market position, and on the other hand showcase PG SOFT™’s talents to a wider audience..